Sparco steering wheel

Sparco steering wheel is a prominent product of which Sparco sells about two dozen distributed between rally and standard car models. You can find a Sparco steering wheel at Radne Motor AB.

Sparco steering wheel you can find in Sweden

  • Model P260 suede. The steering wheel is straight at the bottom to avoid the driver's knees. The diameter as the model number is 260 mm and the grip is 32/25 mm. The price is SEK 2,230.
  • Model P270 leather. Completely round steering wheel with diameter 270 mm. The grip is 34/25 mm and the price SEK 2 130.
  • Model P270 suede. Same as above but in suede design. Price SEK 2 130.
  • These are followed by P285 and P300, both in suede, at the same price as above.
  • Model P310 suede is straight at the bottom and also straight a bit on the top. The diameter is 310 mm and the grip 35/28 mm. Price SEK 2 130.
  • So follow two slightly larger knobs model R215 in leather and suede, with a diameter of 350 mm. Grip 30/30 mm and the price is SEK 2 130.
  • Model R323 suede is 330 mm in diameter with grip 30/30 mm. The price is still SEK 2 130.

The series continues with similar models. There is a type of steering wheel for all drivers. In addition to the first in the list, the price is uniform: SEK 2 130.

Italian expertise

The Italian car sports equipment company Sparco is one of the leading and its products are sought after worldwide. With about 40 years in the industry you can rightly say that they are experts and know what drivers in racing and rally want. The products are carefully tested and safety tested. The goods are approved by the FIA Federation Internationale de l'Automobile where applicable. In Sweden, there are at least a dozen dealers, of which Radne Motor AB is one of the leading companies.

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