Sparco Evo

When you are making car seats for rally drivers, you can just as well make seats of good quality in standard class. So Sparco seems to have reasoned because they have a wide range of car seats for the slightly more discerning motorist who does not settle for the usually barren seat that comes with the car model. In order for Sparco car seats to be found in cars on the roads it is necessary that they are more of supermodels than ordinary Swedish cars. For example, Lotus, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Bentley and Alfa Romeo have Sparco car seats in their models.

The range of Sparco car seats consists of:

  • SPX: Handmade at Sparco's factory in Turin, Italy. The material is carbon fiber in the shell and in that class the SPX is the first folding model that meets the requirements of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). This means that the seat's details and quality in that class are not marketed or manufactured by any competitor. But it also means that SPX is the most expensive of Sparco's street models and costs around SEK 30,000.
  • R600: This model is available in black Italian leather at a cost of about 8,000 - 9,000 per seat.
  • Fighter: A model that comes closest to the competition seats costs about SEK 6,000.
  • Chrono Road: An elegant seat designed primarily for Lamborghini. Costs under SEK 5,000.
  • F200: A popular affordable seat in red, blue or black for under SEK 4,000.
  • R100: Has nice side support and is in steel pipe. Sparco's cheapest standard seat for about SEK 3,000.

Italian Sparco

Has served the rally and car industry with accessories since 1977. After 40 years in the industry you belong to the most leading and developing companies that work with comfort, performance and not least safety. Its products mean quality at good prices and the goods are desirable by both racing drivers, rally drivers and ordinary car drivers.

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