Recarco is a German company headquartered in Stuttgart and was founded as early as 1906. In the beginning people were busy building car bodies, but during the sixties they switched to concentrate on seats. Today, it is one of the largest manufacturers in the genre, which includes airplane seats, car seats, train seats, highchairs and wheelchairs as well as several other varieties. In the car industry, it can be mentioned that the number of car factories that have Recarco in one or more of their models is more than 40. So you could very well say that the company dominates the market big. This is mainly about Recarco's seats for cars and especially for racing cars in rally and racing. In this department, competition is fierce from manufacturers such as Sparco or Cobra, which are mainly focused on racing cars and their equipment.

Some models Recaro seats

  • Seat Profi SP-G: With fairly high side support, the seat provides good comfort and facilitates movement. Provided with anti-slip protection for the shoulders so that the seat takes a grip on the upper body, which gives a nice rally feel. In addition, there are sections in the middle section that are adjustable to fit the particular driver's body. This seat you can see most cars with out in the rally forests. Has sockets for 6-point belt and the seat width is just under 40 cm and the weight 6 kg.
  • Seat Profi XL SP-G: Called the King of the Forest because it is adapted for slightly larger drivers. With a width of 43 cm, the one with a wide back can fit and the backrest is just over 5 cm longer, so there are no problems for our Nordic rough men to sit in this seat and steer. Price at retailers in Sweden about SEK 12,000.
  • Recarco Style: Is the most affordable rally seat used by Swedish retailers. The seat is well adapted and ergonomic to be comfortable and comfortable for rally and racing drivers. For the seat you can buy accessories such as head restraints, heating pad and other fabric details. Price at retailers in Sweden about SEK 7,000.

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