Rally overalls are probably not found on the 2nd hand sites and it is prefferable with a new fire- and flame-resistant rallyoverall. In Sweden, there are a number of well-renowned retailers for the world's most well-known brands in this field. The first requirement is that the rally overall must be FIA-approved and the second is of course that it must fit. A hand-me-down overall that previously suited someone in the family may not be the best fit for you. In addition, it can be stretched, stained and oily. The Swedish Motor Sports Association is quite spotty with how to look when s medal is taken. At the top of the podium you should be an example of the sport no matter what branch you have competed in. A new and fancy overall can be a worthwhile investment even if they go for a few thousand. But there are cheaper just like there are for other rally clothes. However, choose wisely and keep in mind that a 3-layer rally overall is safer than 2-layer.

Tough sports in rally overall

Rallycross is a tough action-packed sport where it is close to the track and there is a lot of contact between plate and plate. Rallycross is a shorter race than regular rallies, with six cars in each heat. The start is therefore extremely important and can mean that you win the race if you get off well, or that it does not go so well if the start is a failure. This is because the tracks are no more than a kilometer or just over one lap, so there are not as many good opportunities for overtaking during the three laps as the heat is run. In addition, the substrate usually alternates with both asphalt gravel and some hills where it jumps and bounces.

Few passes

No one wants to voluntarily release a competitor and it can be difficult to get around because the track is usually quite narrow. The big difference between rally and rallycross is that here the audience sees almost the entire track, and at Solvalla you can definitely see all the cars throughout the race. The most exciting is the alternative track. This step, every driver must drive once during the race and when choosing to take that route can be crucial.

Swedes are among the most successful rallycross drivers with drivers such as Kenneth Hansen, Sweden has won many medals.

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