Rallycross helmets

No matter what type of rally or racing you run, the helmet is one of the most important equipment details. Helmets are available in three types where the open is very much chosen for convenience. Even the openable rallycross helmet is more comfortable, many people think in comparison with the integral helmet which is undoubtedly the most secure. Thus, it can be stated that many drivers choose comfort before safety and thus risk worse injuries especially on the jaw section in the event of accidents. At the same time, those who constantly use integral helmets consider it a matter of habituation. The integral helmet covers the entire head, face and chin completely without joints. The openable has only a few attachment points and the cover is usually in plastic. This solution does not protect at all as well as the integral helmet.

Rallycross helmets and equipment for rallycross

Helmet with intercom must not be used in rallycross, which also lowers the price significantly. But keep in mind that preferably do not buy used as a new rallycross helmet certainly provides better protection. Rally cross helmets must be FIA approved and should fit well on the driver's head and not scratch. Exactly what type of helmet to wear depends on age and in which class you drive. Rules can be found at Svensk Bilsport. In addition to rallycross helmets included in the protective equipment:

  • Overalls
  • Rally Shoes
  • gloves
  • Socks
  • Underwear

Everything must be of flame-proof material. Before the competition not only is the car inspected, the inspectors also check the driver's personal equipment. In order to train and compete with a car in rally cross, you must be a member of a car sports club and this club must be a member of the Swedish Car Sports Association.

Price ranges

Rallycross helmets are available in several different designs and price ranges from a thousand and upwards. Very special helmets cost several tens of thousands of kronor. These are usually made of composite, otherwise it is the most fiberglass and other plastics used. As a beginner in rallycross, you can advantageously buy packages that contain most of what is required in personal protective equipment. Helmet, overalls, gloves, HANS protection and even shoes and more are often included in these packages at affordable prices.

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