Rallycross clothing

It is not enough to run rallycross in your regular outerwear and underwear for safety reasons. The rallycross clothing used must be flame resistant so that the driver does not burn if the machinery catches fire. This applies to all the details you have on your body from shoes and socks, underwear, overalls, gloves, support collar, balaclava and helmet. For complete FIA-approved sub-equipment, the balaclava must be at least 2-layer, fire-resistant / flame-resistant long underwear, long-sleeved undershirt and approved socks. 3-layer overalls are of course the best, but these cost more than 2-layers. However, think primarily about security and not with your wallet.

Rallycross clothes and Italian shoes

The most common brands of manufacturers are Sparco, Arai, Alpinestars and Rotax. Of these, perhaps Sparco (formed in 1977) and Alplinestars (from 1963) are most famous and both originate from Italy. Their rallycross clothing is top notch and there are several good dealers in the country. Of course, a seller who offers open purchase on rallycross clothing is the best at distance trading. You try in peace and quiet at home, it would not fit so the package returns with return shipping. It is important that the fit is good, and that overalls and underwear do not rub. Balaclavan is not least important and it is important to try the helmet with this on. Overall you can choose whole or two-part. The latter is paired at the waist - jacket and trousers turn into an overall. Shoes should be of racing quality that goes up a bit on the foot and the socks under should feel comfortable when the feet feel best because they are a big part of the car's performance.


All sports have their own set of rules that you have to follow to the point. Rallycross has stipulated the car's design, how it can be driven and the driver's personal equipment which includes clothing details such as rallycross clothing.

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