With a paramotor, one can float in the air for several hours propelled by a propeller and a wing blade. The big difference against paragliding is the sound, the height and the flight time uncertainty. The speed that can be achieved and the length of the flight is not a big difference. Paramotors can run for up to five hours and then you can get away up to 350 kilometers. This is provided that the paramotor vehicle has maximum performance and fuel tank. The Swedish record for paragliding without a motor is 150 kilometers and the world record is 450 kilometers. But this is in particularly favorable conditions with winds and starting points. With a paramotor you can have more control over the airtime and control independently of winds. Paramotors are also suitable for tandem flying, a method sometimes used in aerial photography.

License required

From 2005, the Swedish Aeronautical Association regulates questions about permits and licenses for paramotor pilots. The Swedish Paramotor Association works in parallel with them to further consolidate and raise the status of the pilots. By definition, paramotor is a parachute that has engine operation. The propeller is driven by a motor that is usually of two stroke model in size around 80 cc to 300 cc or more.

The differences between paramotor and hang gliding

The take-off takes place from the ground as opposed to gliding, which should start from a height. This is not necessary for paramotor. You can start and land on small areas, although it is an advantage with open fields due to the loud sound. The pilot flies fairly comfortably, hovering at anything from a few hundred meters up to a thousand in the normal case, although paramotors can be raised to significantly higher altitudes. The screen is a free-flying screen that must be approved for paramotors (called a motor screen to distinguish other screen airplanes), usually a reflex wing is used.

The big difference for with or without engine is take-off and landing with throttle control and this also applies to the speed in the air. Control is in both cases with the screen. It is required that you take an education where license for PM is granted. These are run by special and licensed paramotor instructors.

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