Italian Sparco for 40 years

Sparco is one of the best known brands in car sports. They provide a variety of accessories. Practically everything needed to run rally, racing or folk race and more. You can equip the car inside and out and the driver has everything he could want from equipment. Its first major success was in the early 1980s when F1 driver Nelson Piquet won, he then drove in a Sparco seat. And it is perhaps mainly the driver's seats that have made the company successful. In Sweden, virtually all retailers of products for car sports have seats, steering wheels, helmets and other things from Sparco in their range. Driver overalls are another great product and to this comes other details like balaclava, gloves and shoes etc.

Seats for rallying and racing from Italian Sparco for 40 years

Sparco seat is available in various models and designs. Evo is one of the best-selling Sparco seats and Sprint. This model is available in four different designs.

  • The basic model is in the size class medium. Measurements are 52 cm wide, 46 cm wide at stomach height and 61 cm at the shoulders. The height is a total of 89 cm and the weight is just over 6 kilos.
  • Evo 2 is also the one in the class medium, slightly different modifications than the basic model. For the slightly longer driver. It has a weight of just under 8 kilos. Also available in a custom built version for the US market mainly.
  • The Evo 3 is a seat for the tall driver. The size is extra large with a wider seat of 57 cm, and the weight is just under 7 kg.
  • Sprint is probably the most popular of Sparco's seats. All signs show means in all areas in both dimensions and other design. But it holds high security is beyond doubt. The height is 86 cm, up to the shoulders the dimension is 55 cm, the depth of the seat is 52 cm and the width at the shoulder height is 52 cm.

Other models:

  • Ergo
  • Circuit, including Circuit II
  • Pro-ADV TS, for small booths
  • Pro 2000, perhaps the most comfortable seat from Sparco. The material is fiberglass composite, also available as the model Pro 2000 II
  • Reef, for small-grown drivers
  • Grid and Grid II

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