Helmet rally

Regarding helmets for rally, some accessories of various kinds are also included in this category. The helmets can also be divided into different types. The variety you choose is in many ways a personal thing, as long as helmets and accessories are rally approved.

Categories, Areas:

  • Helmets
  • HANS and hybrid
  • Visor
  • intercom amplifier
  • headset
  • Other accessories for helmets
  • Helmets different types:
  • Integral Helmet
  • Open helmets
  • Rally Helmet
  • Carbon fiber helmets (fairly expensive helmets)
  • Helmets with intercom
  • Hooded leather or textile or balaclava
  • Manufacturer helm rally

As with many other motorsport product manufacturers, the market for helmets is a fairly broad product. 

Famous brands include:

  • Bell
  • Stilo
  • Sparco
  • Headtec
  • Simpson
  • Turn One
  • OMP


But rally is not just about equipment and accessories, although they are important pieces. The driver and the races themselves are the big numbers. In rally you compete in different classes:

  • Group A: Is the freest class where the cars can be trimmed to the minimum restrictions in the regulations. The cars can be two- or four-wheel drive but must be developed with a standard car as a basis.
  • Group B: No longer available, but if possible it was even freer than A. The requirement was that 400 cars of the same type be built.
  • Group N: Only standard cars built in at least 2,500 copies. Some trimming and modification is allowed.
  • Group E: Economy class with untrimmed cars. Must be able to travel on roads like any car, must have undergone annual car testing.
  • Appendix K: Older cars manufactured by 1981. An international class which in turn is divided into different classes for strength and more.

Organized rally Internationally, motor sports is subordinate to the FIA, which is to be read out Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile. Rally and other motor sports for cars are part of the organization Swedish Motor Sports Association, abbreviated SBF. They are members of the National Sports Federation. Many people believe that motorsport is not part of sports and therefore are not members of RF, but that is not the case.

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