Folkrace Equipment

Running a folk race requires a lot of folkrace equipment that ordinary people hardly have at home. You can turn to specialists who have most equipment or pick them up from different places. You can also find some used but one thing that is personal is the clothes you need, and especially the overalls you need. This must protect in the event of accidents so that the requirements set are high, among other things, it must be flame resistant. For competitions, the overalls should be comprehensive with CE approved protection as well as sturdy gloves and shoes. Added to this are shoes / boots with high shaft (preferably racing shoes), gloves, collar and helmet, of course. A folk race overall approved by SBF is available in designs from around a thousand up to ten thousand kronor.

Not just Folkrace equipment

  • The listed folkrace equipment is standard requirements for folk racing competitions but some other things can be good as a complement:
  • Balaclava, which is worn as a head mask. It should go down and cover the entire neck, just an opening for the eyes
  • Elbow
  • Visor to the helmet
  • Belt around the waist outside the overalls
  • Underwear and underpants, FIA-approved
  • Other things to consider are the weight of the helmet, max 800 - 900 grams. 
  • If you do not have real racing shoes then you should preferably have leather insole.

Keep the color

 Sure, there are folk race overalls at low prices but keep in mind the safety. The country of manufacture can be the difference if you manage well in an accident. Overalls from Asia may not be as good as they say, but this is not absolute. Just check that the material has been tested and that the approval is authorized. The color of the overalls should be liked with it too. If you do not like scary colors, you do not run well in such a dress. The race race overall is part of yourself as a driver in the extension. If you enjoy the car, folk equipment and clothes, you drive better.

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