Folkrace clothes

If you are going to watch folk races, clothing is recommended according to the weather. But if you are going to drive yourself, there will be some other requirements that have more to do with safety than the prevailing weather. The fact that folk race is a truly popular sport, as the name indicates, depends on several factors. It is a relatively inexpensive motor sport when compared to, for example, rally or racing. It is first and foremost the cars themselves that characterize the sport. Cars that many people call scrap cars. Admittedly, these equipages look like taken directly from a serial crash on the highway. However: The engine, steering and chassis are all functionally as good as the driver and the driver's possible aides want for available money. The car must be left for sale for a maximum of SEK 6,500 after the competition has ended. Therefore, the armor of the car must not cost as much, no more than is required to drive. On the other hand, invest in folk race clothing.

Folkrace Clothes

The car's equipment

On the other hand, you can, and should, put down a coin on folk race clothing and other safety equipment by the driver. The chair and belts also belong to the driver and do not participate in any sales. It can be understood then that only a good overall that is fire and flame resistant overall costs just over a thousand pounds or more. In addition, helmet, balaclava, HANS and neck protection, shoes and gloves. You can buy packages of race clothing with equipment at a low price for under SEK 4,000 and maybe find a chair and belt for a couple of thousand. With a cheap car for a few thousand, you can thus start in folk race for 12,000 to 15,000 SEK. Rally and racing cannot even be compared financially, as sponsors are usually required to go ashore with cars and teams.

Folk race is often also a sport that ties the family together. Dad's the mechanic, son drives and mum serves. For folk race, you can drive from the age of 15 only if you obtain a license.

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